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Ordering iCal 4.1 Web Calendar Software

iCal Personal Edition limited to one calendar $95.00
iCal Professional 5 5 calendars available $295.00
iCal Professional 10 10 calendars available $395.00
iCal Professional 25 25 calendars available $695.00
iCal Professional 50 50 calendars available $995.00
iCal Professional 100 100 calendars available $1495.00
iCal Professional Unlimited unlimited number calendars $1995.00

Add On Options
Email Option Send email notification and reminders $100.00
Custom Fields Option ? Add custom fields to the event entry forms $200.00
Support Options
Basic Email support No Charge
Enhanced Basic, plus phone support $100/year
Premium Enhanced, plus 1 year free upgrades $200/year
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What Will Happen
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Within 24 hours of submitting this form, you will be emailed instructions on how to upgrade your demo installation to the Professional or Personal version you've ordered.

If for any reason you do not hear from us, Please Contact us and let us know about the problem. We work very hard to get the software to you as quickly as possible.