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Calcium Hosting Service Order Form
Number of calendars:
  Up to 4   $20.00 / month
  Up to 10   $35.00 / month
  Up to 25   $65.00 / month
  Up to 100   $100.00 / month
Optional Features - add 20% per option
  • Email Reminders and Subscriptions   More info
  • Custom Fields   More info
  • HTTPS / SSL    Access your calendars via https, to encrypt all network traffic
E.g. for 10 calendars, adding Custom Fields and HTTPS would cost an additional $14/month ($35 x .20 + $35 x .20)
Initial Payment:
  3 months Your card will be charged the monthly fee for the number of calendars you've selected, multiplied by the number of months. (E.g. Up to 10 calendars for 6 months: $35 * 6 = $210)
  6 months  
  1 year    10% discount for 1 year, online credit card orders

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