Monday, February 13 2017
10:00am - 11:00am
Computational & Applied Mathematics Seminar
CCM Seminar :: Varis Carey :: Adjoint Methods for Uncertainty Quantification, Part 1

Please join us for the upcoming INTERACTIVE CCM Seminar. Our very own Dr. Varis Carey will present on how to use adjoints in a variety of useful settings for uncertainty quantification. Other seminars will follow later in the semester. In these interactive seminars, Dr. Carey will provide useful Jupyter notebooks that participants can download and use to follow along with examples that he presents. To participate in this part of the seminar, please make sure to download the Anaconda Python 2.7 (not 3.5) distribution available here

Dr. Carey will also be available 10-15 minutes prior to the seminar to show participants where they can download the notebooks he has created for the seminar.

Title: Adjoint Methods for Uncertainty Quantification, Part 1

In this series of interactive lectures, I cover the use of adjoint methods as an important tool in uncertainty quantification. In particular, I address their use in error estimation, sensitivity analysis, and surrogate modeling. I begin with basic concepts in a linear algebraic setting and gradually increase complexity to illustrate adjoint approaches for dealing with multiscale, time-dependent applications.

The presentations will be accompanied by a series of Jupyter notebooks in Python that will be available on Github before each lecture. These lectures include material that I will cover in "Methods of Uncertainty Quantification" special topic class that I will be offering in Fall 2017.
Speaker:Dr. Varis Carey
Affiliation:University of Colorado Denver

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